Summer Intern Series - Zachary Spero

Quorum is very excited to introduce our Summer intern, Zachary Spero.

As part of our Summer Intern Series, I sat down with Zachary to ask him a few questions about why he chose to study architecture, and why he decided to intern here at Quorum.

Zachary did not know immediately if he wanted to be an architect. A creative by nature, Zachary did not initially excel in math, an essential skill in the architecture field. “If you aren’t doing very well at something, it’s probably because you aren’t challenging yourself enough.” Zachary decided to apply himself and ended up finding his calling. “I figured it was either architecture or engineering, but after meeting with an engineering firm, I decided that architecture was for me.”

On why he chose to intern at Quorum architects, Zachary said that the size of the firm interested him. “There are those larger firms where you are just a number and are assigned one task, but at a smaller firm like this one, you have to know how to do everything.”

Zachary will be working directly with our principals with the intention to gain first-hand knowledge of what it is like to work at a multifaceted, small size, architecture, and interior design firm. Most of the work he will be tasked with is front-end projects such as creating renderings. Quorum also hopes to gain knowledge from Zachary about the current applications that are being used in the university setting, so that we may stay a step ahead in our design processes.

Written by: Julia Dillon